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What is Gametracker? is a server list for many games. Among other things, Battlefield 4 servers can be entered there.

Add a server to Gametracker

To enter the game server, the IP of the game server as well as the server's query and join port are required.

The first step is to click on "Servers" after registration.

It is now possible to enter details of a Gameserver. For this purpose the game Battlefield 4 is selected in "Game Type" and the IP is entered with "IP or Domain Name". The IP and the "Join Port" can be seen in the web interface in the dashboard. The query port is the join port + 100, in the following an example:

Gametracker ADD A SERVER.png

This setting allows the server to be added. To do this, you need to confirm "ADD SERVER". The server is now correctly registered in the Gametracker list.

Claiming the server

Claiming the server ensures that the server that was previously entered is also assigned to the account. This is necessary to make certain settings on the listed server.

To claim the server, select your own server from the server list, click on the server name - in this case " - Wiki server":

Gametracker SELECT SERVER.png

Now click on "None - Claim Now!" Behind Server Manager. Now, it is necessary that the server is renamed "GameTrackerClaimServer". This allows Gametracker to ensure that the server is not mapped to other users.

After the server has been renamed, click on "CLAIM OWNERSHIP OF SERVER". The server is now assigned to this account.