Gameserver FAQ for Garrys Mod

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This page covers general questions and suggested solutions to the most common Garry's mod issues.

After a restart, my server is not accessible or only after a long time

The restart requires only a few seconds, but the login on the server list is 2-3 minutes. A quick connection is possible via console:

 connect SERVER-IP:PORT 

If a password is present on the server, the command is as follows:


The console can be activated as follows:

Gmodstep1.jpg Gmodstep4.jpg Gmodstep3-3.jpg Gmodstep3.jpg

Is a use of the modification "DarkRP" possible?

After the update of 21.06.2013 on the Nitrado database, after a new installation, Gameswitching -> Uninstall -> Reinstall DarkRP is available as standard.

How can new jobs be added to DarkRP?

A tip is the Deadeye Classmaker