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In future, all CS: GO servers will require so-called "login tokens". These tokens serve for listing in the game browser. The reason for this is that in the future, Steam will be better protected against users who are not able to adhere to the guidelines and the server remains in the favorites list despite a possible IP change. Therefore, you must log your game server on the Steam community website.

Prerequisites for applying for a token

To create a GSLT token, log on to

On the part of Steam certain conditions apply for the application for such a token:

- Your Steam account must not be excluded or blocked from the community.

- Your account can not be [

- Your Steam account must be associated with a registered smartphone.

- Your Steam account must have the game for which you want to create a game server account.

- Your Steam account can create 1000 game server accounts.

Request for a token

If you have met all the requirements for creating a token, you will be prompted by Steam to enter the APPID of the game. This is at CS: GO "730". In the "Memo field" you can name your Gameserver for the purpose of the overview. This name appears in your Gameserver administration on Steam.

The following is an example:


If the registration of your GSLT token has been successful, you will receive the following output:


Copy your token.

Setting the token in the Web Interface

Open the Gameserver web interface of your Nitrado CS: GO server and insert your generated token in the field provided.

Then you can start and use your server as usual.