First Time Configuration of Last Oasis Servers

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Hello, here you will learn how to get started with your Last Oasis gameserver.


  • A Registration ID must be configured for the servers to work.
  • There may be only one server per registration
  • It is best to restart the server via the Nitrado web interface after the settings have been changed ID

Finding your Registration key

Go to and log in with your Steam Account.

  • Important: you must have started the Last Oasis game on steam at least one time before.

At the first login you will only see the Registration Key. Under game servers and realms, there will be nothing yet.


Linking your Interface and Registration Key

Now that you have your registration key, you need to apply it to your Nitrado Web Interface.

  • Navigate to the Nitrado Web interface of your server: How to Access your webinterface
  • Stop your Game server
  • On the left hand side, access your "Settings > General "
  • Copy the Registration Key, and apply it inside of the "User identifier" input box.
    • Make sure your Server Description and Registration ID is set.
  • Save changes
  • Restart server

Your server is now linked to your registration ID.

Settings and Configuration

You need to be on your Nitrado webinterface to continue this step.

  • After restarting your server, the white button for the Last Oasis web interface will appear next to your stop and restart server buttons.
  • Click the interface button and log in. You will now have the option to create a realm.
  • When you view your realm, you will be able to make setting changes to the server like changing the server name and password.
  • Make your changes accordingly. Here you can change:
    • 1: Server name
    • 2: Server Password
    • 3: Multipliers
    • 4: Oasis (Note: only one can be active at a time.)
  • Restart Server

Connecting to your Last Oasis Gameserver

  • Open Steam and start your Last Oasis Game
  • Go into the game and click on "Play on Community Servers"
  • In the menu, search for your server name.
    • Depending on whether a password has been set, you may have to change the password filter settings.
  • Click your server, then click Join

For more help on how to direct connect or connect through favorites please see: How to connect to a Last Oasis Gameserver