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Fast download? What's that?

You've got a few maps, mods, skins and sounds on your gameserver but it can take a while to download them.
One can bypass some of the wait time by using a Fastdownload service, all downloaded with high speed!

In actuality, a Fast Download is a simple web server which will host some of these objects, offloading some CPU load from the gameserver, and getting players into the game faster.


First, you must order a fast download service. You can order one straight from us here.
Once you have ordered the service, you should receive a confirmation email along with directions on how to access it directly.

Uploading Maps, Mods, Skins and Sounds

To upload the files, you must use the FTP credentials you received in your email prior. There is also a specific folder structure/Path you must follow to ensure the files get uploaded properly.

See the examples below to get a quick look:


Or check out the Standard format:

/ Game / folder / file
/ Game / folder / other folder / file

Do note that the second folder must match the same naming convention as the one on the server, so the files can be found in the correct place.
Files ending with .bat, .cmd .swf .sh .exe .swf are locked by the client in many Source Games

server.cfg (sv_downloadurl)

Finally, you must add your server.cfg sv_downloadurl. ""

Instead of "" you would use the address of your fast download server, which is the one given to you via email
Instead of "game", you have.. well.. the games name! 
Ex: cstrike, dod, etc..

Some More Examples:

An example of when the maps, sounds, skins for Counter Strike (Source) would look something like this:
sv_downloadurl ""