Farming Simulator 17 FAQs

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I can not find the server

Often the cause is the configuration of the server search filter.

Was the right matchmaking server chosen?

Directly after clicking on "Join game", a matchmaking server is requested. It is important that the same matchmaking server is selected, which is also used by the server. You can find out which matchmaking server is active on the main page of the Farming Simulator Web Interface.

Is the same patch installed?

The server version can be adjusted in the Nitrado web interface under "Settings"> "General". The version of the client is displayed immediately after the start of the game. In order for the server to be found, it is necessary that these versions are identical. News on updates of Farming Simulator can be found here:

Is the server running in the Farming Simulator Web Interface?

With the Farming Simulator, the server process is started automatically by Nitrado. The game itself must be started via the Farming Simulator Web Interface. It is therefore recommended to log into the Farming Simulator Web Interface and then start the server if necessary.

I can not get into the Farming Simulator Web Interface

Many options are implemented directly via the Farming Simulator Web Interface. Since it is stand-alone software, changes can not be made via the Nitrado Web Interface until the next restart.

The password is wrong

Frequently, a change to the Web Interface password is made, and then the server is not restarted. Unfortunately, it is not possible to set the password during operation. So that the new password is accepted, but it is necessary to restart the Gameserver via the Farming Simulator Web Interface first.

The Web page can not be accessed

In this case, the server process can not be started or is not started. In this case, it is advisable to check whether the server has been started via the Nitrado web interface and, if necessary, to restart the server. If this does not help, the support team is at your disposal.

My mod isn't working

Since the modifications are often developed by the community, it is not possible that one or the other mod does not work. Nevertheless, the following tips can help solve the difficulty.

I can not start the server with the mod map

The modifications which add maps are often dependent on other mods. For example, a mod "" still uses the mods "". If this second modification is not installed, the server can not load the map correctly. Dependencies of mods are usually listed on the official download pages of these mods.

I can not upload the modification

If necessary, the booked Modspace is used in this case. In such a case, a hardware performance upgrade can be performed to increase the memory space for modifications. This is possible directly on the Nitrado website.

I can not upload a DLC

DLC's are preinstalled by us. It is not necessary to upload DLC's. These can be activated directly via the Farming Simulator Web Interface.