3.How to use your server's FTP

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Hello! Here, you will learn how to use our FTP. Video and instructions will be provided. We have put this page together to provide further information about the use of the FTP here at Nitrado.

YouTube Video

What is it used for?

FTP is used for accessing your server files directly. This is useful in many cases. Intended for advanced users, you can change settings, create local backups and add mod files manually to the server. This is mostly used for games like Minecraft and Arma.

How to connect to your Server via FTP

  • When using the FTP you are accessing your server files directly. Typically, this is done through a third party client such as FileZilla or WinSCP. We choose FileZilla because it is easy to use. You can find a download for FileZilla: Here
  • Once you have the client version installed you will need your server FTP credentials in order to log in.
  • You can find your FTP credentials by navigating to your web interface and scrolling to the bottom of your dashboard.


  • Now you can copy the credentials with the small icon into your clipboard and paste them into FileZilla.


  • Once inside, you will notice It looks a lot like a file browser. Similar, but different, in the FTP you have more power. You can change, delete, or add files and folders. Sometimes you may be asked if you want to trust a certificate from the server, in this case please confirm.
Before you connect to your server via FTP or change files on it, we recommend to stop your server and wait until the status in the web interface in the bar at the top switched to "stopped", please note that this may take up to five minutes.
This precaution is to be sure that no files are corrupted or damaged. We urge you to be careful with contents inside the FTP. Do not delete, move, or copy anything that you do not know what it is. Most gaming platforms are very fickle and can be broken easily.

How to use Filezilla


The left column shows the local files and directories, i.e. the files and directories on the computer where you use FileZilla.

The right column shows the files and directories on the server to which you are connected.

Both columns have a directory tree at the top and a detailed listing of the contents of the currently selected directory at the bottom. You can easily navigate through the two trees and lists by clicking around like in any other file manager. If you want more information you can find the official manual here.