FAQ in Just Cause 2

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General questions

1.- Can I use an Xbox 360 controller with Just Cause 2?

  • Yes, Xbox 360 controller is supported.

2.- Can Just Cause 2 run on Windows XP?

  • No, Just Cause 2 requires DirectX10 to run and this is only available on Vista or Windows 7.

3.- Do I need to use Steam for the PC version of Just Cause 2?

  • The PC version of Just Cause 2 uses Steam as a product authentication and delivery service. The game is fully integrated into Steam and makes use of the Steams Steam Cloud and its achievements.

4.- Does Just Cause 2 support ATI Eyefinity multiscreen configurations?

  • If it does. Make sure you have installed at least the Catalyst 10.3 drivers from the ATi website, as this adds compatibility fixes for EyeFinity.

5.- Is Just Cause 2 compatible with Nvidia 3D Vision?

  • Yes, Just Cause 2 has been optimized for 3D Vision.

Technical Questions

1.- [PC] I see white triangles on surfaces/textures not loading, how do I fix this?

  • Textures not displaying or loading on objects are caused by unsupported graphics hardware or drivers. Check that your PC meets all the minimum game requirements. If your graphic card is supported, make sure you have updated the drivers to the latest version available.

2.- Do I need an internet connection to install and run Just Cause 2?

  • Only an internet connection is required to install and authenticate Just Cause 2 on your Steam account. Once this is complete, you can switch Steam to Offline Mode which downloads an offline profile that you can use to play games when there is no internet connection available.

3.- I don't see an option in the settings to activate the Bokeh filter or GPU Water effects.

  • This setting will only be available when supported hardware (nVidia graphics cards) is present as the primary graphics card of the PC.

4.- I get an error \ DXGI_ERROR_UNSUPPORTED \ "when I try to launch Just Cause 2 why?

  • This means you don't have DirectX 10 installed on your PC. Make sure you have a DirectX 10 graphics card installed in the latest version of DirectX and that you are using Windows Vista or Windows 7 as these are the only operating systems that support DirectX 10.

5.- I have a DirectX 10.1 or 11 compatible graphics card, will Just Cause 2 work?

  • Yes. Just Cause 2 requires a DirectX 10 or higher graphics card, if you have a DirectX 10.1 or 11 graphics card it should be fine. Please check the system requirements to ensure your graphics chipset is compatible.