FAQ in 7 Days to Die

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Frequent asked questions

Will there be a cooperative or multiplayer mode?

Yes, but not in the first alpha.

Will players be able to kill each other?

Yes, they will.

Will there be dedicated servers that anyone can open on their own computer?

Yes, there will be, but not during the first alpha.

Will I be able to stream or upload videos/images of it?

Yes, you may.

Will the game be in a language other than English?

Currently, the game will only be in English.

Is it really a survival game?

Yes, it is. You will need to find water, food, grow crops, build shelters, or houses in order to stay alive.

Can everything in the game be destroyed? Can the infected destroy all kinds of blocks?

Yes. But depending on the type of material with which the block is made will determine the time it takes for the infected to break it. For example. Stone can take a long time compared to dirt.