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Gameplay Questions

Why do zombies notice and follow me wherever I am?

You are probably making too much noise while moving. If you're close to a zombie, hold CTRL to go into sneak/combat mode which will result in the least amount of noise while moving. Once you're a safe distance away, you can probably safely walk as normal. You should never run unless you need to get out of a desperate situation quickly. Line of sight is also incredibly important. If you can see zombies through a window, then they can see you. This will most likely cause them to come a knocking and won't stop until dealt with.

Why are my attacks seemingly ineffective?

Your attack needs to be charged by holding down the attack key before striking.

How do I break into houses without smashing windows?

Stand beside the window while facing it and press the 'e' key. It may take some time, but the window often can be forced open. After the window is open, hold the 'e' key to climb though. The window can be closed by facing it and pressing the 'e' key again.

What is the loud alarm noise?

You have triggered a burglar alarm while entering a house. It will attract zombies from far and wide. Run!

Are there other survivors in the game?

No, but NPCs will eventually be implemented.

What are the gunshot/helicopter sounds?

Until NPCs are implemented, these event sounds have been employed to facilitate the migration of zombie hordes, so beware.

Hey! That zombie was dead, but it got back up!

Just because a zombie is down on the ground doesn't mean it's dead. Technically it's already dead after all. Always make sure to approach a zombie and crush it's skull in, otherwise it's just going to get back up and come after you.

Is there a cure for zombification?

No, and there will never be a cure. Prevention is your only friend.

Tech FAQ

Game doesn't run, error message starts with "org.lwjgl.LWJGLException: Pixel format not accelerated"

This message Indicates outdated video driver, please see Update your video drivers above.

I just downloaded the game on Steam and the game simply crashed on launch!

Please reinstall the game. Right click the game in your Steam library and select “Delete Local Content…”. Once that’s done, download the game again.

If you've installed a mod prior to update, it may be necessary to manually delete the local contents -- this can be found by right clicking on Project Zomboid in the Steam Library and selecting properties. Go to the Local Files tab and click on Browse Local Files. Delete everything within the Project Zomboid folder. In newer versions of the game, some mods install to %username%\zomboid\mods. Delete its contents, as well.

Finally, if you haven't disabled the Steam overlay, see Disable the Steam Overlay, above.

"The UI is out of alignment and overlaps -- it makes it difficult or impossible to do anything."

It's probable you've recently changed the resolution without restarting the game. Though, in most cases, the game with adjust the UI to the resolution, sometimes this doesn't work -- restarting the game can force it's update.

If restarting the game doesn't work, go to %username%\zomboid and delete the Options.ini and Layout.ini files.

"I'd like to have the most recent update on Steam, but I can't use Steam to get it" or "I can't download the game through Steam, but don't want the Desura version."

Currently, the only option is to wait for the offline build released through Desura -- this won't happen until the current, unstable, updates are made stable.

"How do I backup my saves?"

Go to %username%\zomboid and copy Survival, LastStand, Sandbox, and Multiplayer folders. These contain your saves.

This is the only sure-fire method of backing up saved games and should be done any time you reach a critical stage in your game to prevent losing the file due to corruption.

I'm getting the following error: "AL lib: alc_cleanup: 1 device not closed". What do?

This isn't an error, but something the game does normally. If you are having problems, post the full error.log file contents, not just the last line.

Development/Future Updates

What happened to NPCs?

These features were present in early demo versions of the game, but have been temporarily removed. We are aware that the delay has been huge but we're simply not implementing them until we are happy with them. While frustrating, the delay is also a good thing for you. Every member of the Indie Stone is working on the game full time in order to provide you with content in the meantime. We can't have 6 months or a year of no updates while we tick off our last remaining big bullet point planned features. We can't go 1.0 until NPCs are in. If that took a gazillion years that means a gazillion years of updates and suppоrt for PZ. If you think of all the many many great features that have been added into the game in the past couple of years since NPCs were removed. A lot of them would have made it in anyway, of course, but many of them may not have been.

Multiplayer FAQ

How do I reset/start a new world?

To reset the servers world you will need to navigate to your server’s /Zomboid/Sandbox folder. In there should be a folder called “servertest” deleting this will folder will reset the world. Make sure to do this when the server is off (or the server program is not running) and restart the server.

Can I change the length of days or the amount of Zombies/loot? Is there a way to respawn loot?

Sandbox settings of the server are set up via the SandboxVars.lua which should be saved in Zomboid\Server\*servername*_SandboxVars.lua. If the file doesn't exist, it can be created with the PZServerSetting.exe from your PZ installation folder.

If necessary, use the PZServerSettings.exe located inside the game's install directory. On a Linux box with Steam, in the home directory there should be .local/share/Steam/SteamApps/common/ProjectZomboid/projectzomboid/PZServerSettings.exe (execute using wine)

How do zombies spawn?

Zombies "respawn" in defined areas where it makes sense (e.g. the highway and other high density areas). In your ServerOptions.ini the server host has two options for zombie respawn:

HoursForZombiesRespawn = 0  //Amount of hours a zone has to be unseen to respawn zombies.
IncreaseZombieRespawnBy = 0 //Ammount of additional zombies you want to have spawned if HoursForZombiesRespawn > 0.

Example: An area spawns by default 10 Zombies. You define IncreaseZombieRespawnBy=20. Now the area will spawn 30 Zombies (10 naturally and 20 additional zombies).

I get this message of… Client version (956) doesn't match server (958) when I try to connect to a server. What’s going on?

This is indicating that there is a Project Zomboid build mismatch between the client and server. Say the message was like this “Client version (x) doesn’t match server (y)” If Client (x) number is less than server (y) then that means that the server is running a newer build and the client is running an older build. So best way to check is to make sure that steam has updated your game to the newest version possible. If server (y) number is less than (x) then that means that the server is outdated from the client and the server still needs to be updated.

It has been known that builds have accidentally been pushed to the onlinetest branch, so make sure to check the forums and see if anybody else is having problems regarding compatibility issues.