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Here you will find the frequently asked questions about your Valheim gameserver.

Frequently Asked Questions

My Valheim server is lagging, What to do?

A common misconception is that the game uses P2P network. It does not, all data is sent between client <-> server and never between clients. Game logic is distributed and ran on the game clients rather than on the server.

If player-A is alone in an area all creatures and objects will be controlled by that player and synced to the server. If player-B walks over to player-A, player-A will still control the game logic of most objects in that area. If, however, player-A leaves the area, player-B will take control of the objects and so on.

This system allows a lot of heavy physics to happen on the client-side and without overloading the server. It is however pretty sensitive to one player having a bad connection. If player-A is controlling the monsters in the area has high ping to the server then player-B will also notice this, even though player-B has a perfectly fine connection to the server.

As of patch 0.147.3 Dedicated servers now always use direct connections instead of using Steam Datagram Relay (SDR). This should result in much lower latency for most players.

Changing the worlds seed

For you to change your worlds seed, there are currently 3 options:

  1. Change the worlds name. This will generate a new seed with a random seed.
  2. Generate a world with a custom seed
      • Launch the game
      • Select your character and select start game
      • Select the option New
      • Type your New worlds name and the seed (a seed will be automatically generated at random).
    New world.png
    Seed Description
    Normal Seeds
    wVJCZahxX8 (Starting in the Meadows with Black Forest east and west, a Mountain west. Eikthyr is close to the spawn but Elder (Boss) is on an other island south)
    42069lolxd (Haldor merchant can be found by following the coastline and crossing to another attached island on the south)
    HeB5MNca96 (Starting in the Meadow Biome with a huge Black Forest Biome to the west and some good looking Mountains in the middle of it)
    sBIkiadtIh (Starting in the Meadows with Black Forest, Swamp, and Mountains all on first island, relatively close. Swamp and Mountains to South.)
    9934622021 (All 5 main biomes on the first island.)
    Hard Seeds
    yfNmtqZ5mh (Starting on a little Meadows island surrounded by a Black Forest)
    lduTRpBHca (Starting on a small-ish island with very little Black Forest and mostly Meadows. No other biomes)
    Speedrun Seeds
    HHcLC5acQt Four bosses, major biomes and Haldor on the same continent, with one boss an island away. Source link contains explored map.
  3. You can delete your World files and this will create a new world with the same name:
      • Stop your server
      • Navigate to your Nitrado Web interface
      • Navigate to the File Browser under the tools section in the left side of the web interface
      • Follow the next route valheim > savedata > worlds
      • Delete the world files
      • Start your server.

Can I install mods on my server?

Currently, the only mod available to install in the server is ValheimPlus