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To see your stats, you will need to open your character menu this can be set in a key combination or selected through the Esc menu.

How can I see the percentage of hunger and thirst?

You will see a stomach, a drop of water, and a foot. Move your mouse over them to see the percentages.


The foot is your resistance; It appears in the lower right corner when you run and runs out while running or jumping, and refills when you stop doing those activities. It recharges at different speeds depending on whether you are sitting, running, or standing/walking. You can duck and the icon will rotate with two small arrows now added, which means you have ambush speed, and it will be faster if you stay crouched (carnivores only!). Carnos have no ambush speed.

The drop of water is your water

This can be filled if you drink water.

The stomach is your hunger

This can be filled by eating dogwoods or corpses.

Oxygen meter

There is also a small oxygen meter that pops up if you swim for too long and your stamina runs out. When this runs out, you will start taking drowning damage.

Pressing Esc will reveal your growth

It is usually 0.2/0.6 or something around those lines. Once you reach the amount on the right (0.6 in this example), you must manually click the growth button in order to grow. You can also see your growth in the character menu.


The smell can be set to a key combination that you must hold to smell. If it smells while standing still, the animation is longer, so do it while walking. Once the scent is activated, footprints will glow yellow, water fountains will glow blue, and piles of blood and blood will glow bright red. Herbivorous plants will also glow green and have smoke like piles of blood do for carnivores. At the top of your screen, there will be a compass. It won't work in the rain.

You make fewer or more footprints based on how you move: (these are estimates) Crouched: 10% of the time walking: 15% Trotting: 30% Running: 70% The smaller you are (and the less mass you have), the fewer footprints you'll make.

Night vision

If you are online at night, you will notice that it gets very dark, almost black. So, you need to turn on your night vision. The default key is N. Night Vision creates a small area of ​​light around your character (that only you can see). Some dinosaurs have horrible night vision or NV, so it is wise to take shelter, especially if you are a herbivore.


You may have heard of nesting and if you are new it might confuse you a bit. As an adult female dinosaur, you will be able to create a nest. If you sit on it long enough, you will see eggs appear inside it (you can see their status by pressing E in front of the nest and accessing the nest interface). You can invite friends (or really anyone); If they accept the invitation, they will appear as a newborn version of your dinosaur with skin similar to yours. The hatchlings are slower, have far fewer stats than juvenile, and simply they're not as good overall. However, the young can eat from their nest. If you put food in the nest (which it's taken from your hunger supply), your children will be able to eat from it. Juveniles, however, cannot. If you are short of food, you may want to make your children wait a bit to become juveniles.