Establish a database connection in Life is Feudal

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A little bit of effort is needed, to display and edit your Life is Feudal MariaDB database.

Where to find the credentials?

All credentials needed to establish a connection(host, user and password) can be found in the server's config_local.cs file which is located right in the Gameserver's directory root(/lifeisfeudal).

The file can be seen with an orange highlighting in the server's File-Browser

How to connect to the database?

In order to connect to your gameserver's datebase you have to use a external tool like Navicat or HeidiSQL. The following tutorial will explain the procedure using Navicat, but HeidiSQL works quite similar.

First we need to add a new database connection. We can do so by clicking the "Connection" button in the top left corner and select "MariaDB", which is the used database engine for Life is Feudal in the appearing dropdown menu.

Create a new connection

We do now enter the credentials from our config_local.cs file in the appearing dialogue.

We enter our credentials in the window's "General" tab

Navicat offers you the chance to test your input by clicking on the "Test Connection" button to check for any misspellings. If everything seems legit, we save our new connection by clicking on "Ok". We should now see a new entry in the list on the left side of our window, in this case the entry should be labeled "Meine Datenbank". We now double click this entry to establish a connection to our database.

A new entry appears in our server list

You can now easily manage your database via Navicat.