Enabling and Configuring Procedurally Generated Maps in ARK: Survival Evolved

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Dynamic Maps In Ark: Survival Evolved (also called "Procedural Ark", or, "Procedurally Generated Arks") can be activated and directly via the Nitrado web interface.

There are two options to configure. Our web interface provides a dynamic map editor.

This feature makes it possible to completely re-configure the procedural settings, or to modify any of an existing maps features.

Alternatively, it is also possible to configure the map via the game and only to store the parameters for the settings in the web interface.

To use a dynamic map you have to switch to "Dynamically generated map (Experimental)" under "mapname" near the top of the page

This also changes the starting parameter of the map to '' PGARK '' , this is necessary for the correct loading of the procedural map.

Adjusting the Dynamic Map

To use a dynamic map:

  • Login to your Nitrado.net account
  • Go to the web interface of your server
  • Stop your server
  • Navigate to Settings, General
  • Change the option from "Map" to "Dynamically Generated Map"
    • This will change the start parameter of your map automatically
  • Save the changes and DO NOT start the server


Configure the Map Using the Web Interface

In the "Dynamic Maps" section, the options are to specify a map name and edit the properties of the dynamic map. The name of the map can only be changed if a new map is to be generated. The easiest way to configure the map is to use the Dynamic Map Editor.

PGArk DynamicMaps.PNG

After clicking on "Randomize", further possibilities for configuration appear. These would be the terrain settings, biome settings, and map settings. These allow a more accurate adjustment of the desired map. The map in the upper section allows you to move the individual positions by drag and drop.



After saving, it is necessary to start the server so the settings can be applied. Your server may restart multiple times as it generates the map and all associated files.

Generate a Procedural Ark In-Game

To generate the map via the game itself, select "Local Game" after starting Ark:SE. In the upper left corner is a "Create a procedurally generated Ark" option.

This option opens a configuration menu for the map generator.

PGArk 2.jpg

The "ARK Name" section defines a name for the current configuration. After saving it as a favorite, this setting can be loaded directly from the menu at any time.

A server with this configuration is then started via "Load".

This saves the map properties in the Game.ini under "PGLastUsedSettings".

PGArk SP1.jpg

Now it is necessary to navigate to the Steam directory (default: C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common) and the Game directory, (ARKSE\ShooterGame\Saved\Config\WindowsNoEditor\Game.ini).

This "Game.ini" file stores the procedurally-generated settings.

We are interested in the option "PGLastUsedSettings".

Procedural gameini.png

This content can then be copied and saved in the "Dynamic Maps" section under "Dynamic Map Properties" in the Web Interface.

Smaller adjustments can then also be made via the web interface using the "Dynamic Map Editor" option.