Enabling Events on your Nitrado Ark Server

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Disclaimer: Some events are only active for a limited time period.

Hello, here you will learn how to enable events on your Nitrado ARK server.

Where to Start?

  • Navigate to your Nitrado Web Interface
  • Scroll to "Active Event"
  • Select the event you would like to activate:
  • Save your Changes
  • Restart your server for changes to take effect

Fully functioning.

These are events that will offer the full event experience:

  • Summer Bash

Semi Working/Disabled

Events in which partial information is only available:

  • Ark Anniversary/birthday
  • Winter Wonderland
  • Turkey Trial

Disabled Events

These events only display the Wild Dino colors, Items, and other characteristics that are completely disabled:

  • Fear Evolved
  • Love Evolved
  • Easter
  • ARKaeology
  • Extincion Chronicles

Events work on Ark as long as the Files are within the Servers.

On official Servers, the Events might only run for around 2 weeks, but the files remain for all Servers, they are only disabled.

That means that, For unofficial Servers, you can actually enable that Event after it is taken out Official Servers and it will work. Still, once the files are removed from the actual Server, there will be no access to the rest of the information.