Enable HTTPS for Domains

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This step by step guide explains how to enable the HTTPS protocol for a domain connected to a Nitrado web space.


The following list is required for this manual.

  • A Nitrado account with a domain
  • A Nitrado web space with the domain connected


Step 1: Navigate to My Services on Nitrado.net and access the settings

  • Login to your account on Nitrado.net.
  • Now navigate to 'My Services' »» Web space » Click on the web interface login
  • In the web interface you find all available options on the left side.
  • Click on Domains » Then Settings
  • All domains of the web space are listed under the settings of the domains . Click on the button to edit the settings for the domain. (links next to the text "Is assigned domain)
  • On the following page, all domain specific settings will be listed.

Step 2: Select Certificate

  • On the opened configuration page there are 2 more options besides the option to use no SSL certificate:

Let's Encrypt

  • If a Let's Encrypt certificate is to be issued by Nitrado, the option Let's Encrypt should be selected:
  • Once the email address has been entered you can click on one of the Save buttons.
  • In the background, if the domain is correctly configured with the web space, a certificate will be issued within 5 minutes.

Using Your Own certificate

  • If you have your own certificate, you have to choose the option "Use my own certificate":
  • As soon as your own certificate and the private key have been entered, you can click on one of the Save buttons.
  • The certificate and the private key are immediately checked for validity and if valid on the web space secure deposited.

Please Note: Certificates may need a few minutes to get active on the website.