Enable Creative Mode in ARK

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Open Console

To access the administration console, you must press the “TAB” key. If the console does not appear, you should check your keyboard mapping within the game.

Here is helpful information about how to become admin on console servers:

Administrator Commands

Ark's creative mode allows you to have access to all available engrams and create them without having the required materials. Once the console is open, you have to follow the following steps:

  • Become an Administrator.
    • To become an administrator, you need to type “enablecheats” followed by a space and your server admin password.

Ark enablecheatsEN.png

You can find this password in the 'General Settings' or in the 'Expert Settings' (if you have them active)

Ark AdminPasswordEN.png

  • Use the “cheat Gcm” command
  • Go to your inventory and open the Creation menu, all the engrams should be available for use.

Before Ark InventoryEN.png After Ark Creative InventoryEN.png

Ready, you have activated creative mode for yourself! Now you can create whatever you want in your world of Ark: Survival Evolved. from: Befehle in ARK: Survival Evolved