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1. What is the ESL plugin?

The ESL plugin is an important piece to make CS:GO servers eSport compatible. It includes all of the official ladder configs that are played in the ESL. Anyone planning on using their server for competitive play will want to consider this plugin.

2. Installation

The plugin can be installed quickly through the web interface. Under "Additional packages" you will find the option to install the "ESL Plugin". The most recent "ESL Config" is installed automatically. Then restart your server

Important: If you want to use the "ESL Config" at a later time, you'll need to start the server in "Classic Competitive" mode. This can be set on the web interface either under "Counter-Strike: GO start" or in the normal server.cfg:

gamemode 1
gametype 0 

3. Use and Commands

In order to use the plugin, you'll need the Rcon password for the server. This is not dictated by the plugin and is set in the normal server.cfg. You can alter this through the web interface under "Config Editor [extended] v2".

To load the ESL Config, the server admin needs to connect to the server and login to Rcon via the console. This is done with the following command:
rcon_password <your-rcon-password>

For example, the ESL 5v5 Ladder Config is used with:
rcon exec esl5on5.cfg

In general, all of the configs are loaded with this command:
rcon exec <Name of Config>.cfg

It would then be visible for all players on the server what config was loaded. Restart the map and you'll see these settings activated. (not restart the game server).

To restart the game and initialize the ESL plugin:
rcon esl_start
There will be three (3) restarts and the ESL config will confirm being loaded with green text.

If you want to restart the map only one time:
rcon mp_restartgame 1

All other ESL commands can be obtained in-game with the following command:
rcon esl_help

If you restart your game server, you'll need to load the ESL config again. The normal server.cfg becomes active after you restart the game server.