Direct connect to Fear The Night

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Here you will learn how to use the IP to connect to your Fear the Night server!

Approach 1: Steam favorites list

  • Start your Steam program
  • Navigate to "View -> Servers" in the header bar
  • Add your server to the favorites using the IP address and port (NOTE: Always use your game port plus one (+1) eg. when your game port is "27015", then you use port number "27016")
  • The added server should show up now
  • Start your Fear The Night game
  • Open the server browser and select "favorites" as list type

Approach 2: In game

A direct connection to a Fear the Night server is possible with the following steps:

  • Start Game
  • Click on the menu item "Join Server"
  • Select "UNOFFICIAL" in the Session Filter.
  • Now enter the name of your server in Title. E.g. "Moonlight # 479798"
  • Now click "Refresh" to update the list and double-click your server to join.