Custom Maps on ARK: Survival Evolved

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This article explains how to use your own maps for ARK: Survival Evolved on your own Nitrado Gameserver. The maps are available in the ARK: Survival Evolved Steam Workshop.

The following steps are necessary to use your own map in ARK: Survival Evolved:


  • Copy the mod ID
  • Paste it into the Active Mod (IDs) field on your web interface under Settings > General


  • Save changes


  • Restart your server (this will start the download for the mod)
  • Once your server is started, select the map from the dropdown menu in the web interface


  • Once selected, the system should automatically fill in the Map start parameter


  • Save your changes once again
  • Restart your server.

The map should then be loaded onto your server!


Below are a few available maps with their Mod IDs.

Map name Mod ID
Arkse-469987622.jpg Apako Islands v0.76 Alpha 469987622
Arkse-478716204.jpg ArkHammer 40,000 478716204
Arkse-462206406.jpg Cliff_Side 462206406
Arkse-478760342.jpg Ice Age 478760342
Arkse-479918835.jpg Jurassic ARK Isla Nublar Site A 478760342
Arkse-459186056.jpg The Dino Arena (v2) 459186056
Arkse-478227612.jpg The Lost World 478227612
Arkse-478736056.jpg TorchBoost 478736056
Arkse-461038107.jpg Twin Peaks V5 dino (WIP) 461038107
Arkse-460119093.jpg Volcano Island (Modding Template / DEMO MAP) 460119093