Connecting to an Astroneer gameserver

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Hello, here you will learn how to connect to your Astroneer gameserver.

Where to start?

  • Navigate to the Web interface of your server: How to Access your Web Interface
  • When your server is online, start your Astroneer Game on Steam or on your Xbox console.

Astro Find serv 2.JPG

  • Click "Dedicated Servers"

Astro Find serv 1.JPG

  • Click "Add Dedicated Server"
  • Enter your server IP, port number, and a server nickname. You will then be able to add the server.

Astro Find serv 3.JPG

  • Click on your server, and click "Join Game"

Astro Find serv 4.JPG

  • The loading screen will load and you will return to the co-op menu. Your server will be listed. Simply click on "Launch".

Astro Find serv 5.JPG

  • You have now successfully logged into your Nitrado gameserver!