Connecting to a Nitrado DayZ Server (Console)

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Here you will learn about how to connect to your Nitrado Server

Note: Be sure that you have all the proper filters selected correctly according to the settings on your server.

Step One: Configuring Your Server

  • Navigate to your Nitrado Web Interface
  • Go to Settings > General
  • Change your Server Name
  • Save changes
  • Restart your server for the changes to take effect!! If you do not restart your server, the name will not change, and you will not be able to find it.

Step Two: Connecting to Your Server

  • Start DayZ on your console and click "PLAY"
  • Switch the server filter to "COMMUNITY"
  • Set the "FILTERS" as needed.
    • We suggest searching alphabetically with Region set to "All".
  • Search the server list using your D-PAD to find the name you set in the step above.


  • When your server appears click the server and click "Connect"

You will then be loaded into your Nitrado DayZ server.

Can't connect

If you are not able to connect to the server, after you've just restarted it, we suggest to wait about 5 minutes and try it again. When you are still not able to connect to the Server, feel free to contact the Nitrado Support via