Connect to an ARK: Survival Evolved server

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There are three different ways to connect to an ARK: Survival Evolved Gameserver:

Approach 1: Steam favorites list

  • Start your Steam program
  • Navigate to "View -> Servers" in the header bar
  • Add your server to the favorites using the IP address and port (NOTE: Always use your game port plus one (+1) eg. when your game port is "27015", then you use port number "27016")
  • The added server should show up now
    ARK steam favourites add.png
  • Start your ARK: Survival Evolved game
  • Open the server browser and select "favorites" as list type

Approach 2: Direct start option

  • Start your Steam program
  • Navigate to "Games -> View Games Library" in the header bar
  • right click on "ARK: Survival Evolved"
  • Select the "Properties" menu point
  • Click on the button labeled "SET LAUNCH OPTIONS"
  • Enter +connect into the text input field (change the example IP with your Gameserver's IP address)
    Dircet Steam connect.png
    • Use +connect +password "YOURPASSWORD" if the server is password protected
  • Confirm with OK
  • Start ARK: Survival Evolved via Steam and it should directly connect to the defined server

Approach 3: Web interface

  • Start your Steam program
  • Click on the gray "Connect to server" button in the top right corner of the server's Web interface
  • Accept the external protocol request, it is recommended to save this setting, so the message box won't pop up every time
  • The game should now start and connect to the server