Connect to a The Forest Game Server

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Connect to your The Forest server

In the following article, we will show you two ways to connect to your The Forest server.

Method 1: Using the server name

  • Start Game
  • Select multiplayer
  • Select "Join the game"
  • Select "Dedicated (Internet)"
  • Enter the name of the server in the search

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Method 2: Using the IP address

It is important that the server port to use is the server game port +2
You can find the port of the game in the control panel of your server in the area "Ports"

  • Start Steam
  • Open the "Server" menu (found under "View")
  • Open the item "Favorites"
  • Now the IP address of the game server can be added via "Add server using IP address"
In our example, the standard port is 33800. It should match 33802