Connect to a Farming Simulator server

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In these instructions, we will show you how to connect to your Farming Simulator 19 server step by step:

Establish connection

  • Start the game and click on "Multiplayer" in the main menu.

FS19 Multiplayer.png

  • Now click on "Join game".

FS19 Multiplayer 2.png

  • Now select your character and click "Next".

FS19 Character.png

  • Now select your matching server, which is defined in the Farming Simulator web interface. You can find the settings in the Farming Simulator 19 web interface on the main page under "Settings -> Matchmaking server".

without frame

  • Now enter your server name in "Game name". Pay attention to the filters. These do not have to be changed. It can happen that if you set the filters exactly according to your server, your server cannot be found. So the filters should stay in the default settings as shown in the picture and just look for the name.

no frame]

It may happen that your server is still not found if the pairing server is too full.

Here it is worthwhile, e.g. to switch to International 2 or another of your choice.