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Join Battlefield Server How you can join your Battlefield Server is explained in this guide.

Joining via the BattleLog

To join the server, it is necessary to log into the BattleLog.

You can do this on the following page:

You will also find the button "Show BattleLog Profile" at the top right of the web interface, which will take you directly to your BattleLog profile on your server.

If you are logged in, you can click directly on Join, which will start your Battlefield and join the server.

Note: If there are difficulties, it helps to log out of the website once, clear the cache and cookies, and then log in again.

Join via Ingame

Before connecting and once your server is installed remember to stop your server, change the name and start it again.

Open your Battlefield 4 game

Select the "Multiplayer" option and then "Search Server".

Bf4 game serverbrowser.JPG

In the "Filter by Name" option type the name of your server.

Bf4 server filter.JPG

The server should appear in the server list.

Bf4 find server game.JPG

Add your server to Favorites

Open the server search and select the "Recent" tab.

Select the 3 dots on your server to open the drop-down menu.

Select the "Favorite" option

Bf4 add server favorites.JPG

Done! your server has been added to your favorites.