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Direct connection

Direct connection to an Unturned server is possible with the following steps:

  • Start the Game
  • Click the "Play"
  • Click the "Connect"
  • In the first field, specify the server IP that is issued in the dashboard (Web Interface)
  • In the second field, specify the server port that is issued in the dashboard (Web Interface)
  • Optional: In the third field, specify the server password specified in the configuration file (Commands.bat)
  • You can then connect to the server. Connect to Unturned Server

Add your server to your Favorites

  • Open Steam
  • In the top bar, select “View”, scroll down a bit and select “Servers”. A new window will open
  • In the top bar, you should be in the "Favorites" option.
  • In the lower-right corner, select "Add Server". A small window will open requesting an IP.
  • Locate the IP address of your server:
    • Navigate to your web interface
    • On the left side, locate the server's IP address as shown below:
      Unturned IP QueryEN.png
    • Locate the Query Port.
    • Add the Query Port to the server's IP address. For instance:
    • IP address: 95 .156.194.207: 40000
    • Query Port: 40001
    • IP + QueryPort: 95 .156.194.207: 40001
  • Copy the IP + Query Port in the field and select "Add this address to favorites"
  • Now your server will be in the Favorites list, select it (it will light up with a blue background)


  • You can now close this window.
  • Open your 'Unturned' game and go to Play.

Unturned playEN.png

  • Select the option "Servers".

Unturned serversEN.png

  • Select the Favorites tab. Your server should appear on the right side.

Unturned favoritesEN.png

  • Select your server and click join.