Configurations for Farming Simulator 22

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Here you can find basic information to help you get started with your Farming Simulator 22 server.

Server configuration

In order to make changes to the settings, you will need to access the admin web interface though the Nitrado web interface.

You can get there by clicking on "Open admin web interface" in the upper right corner of your Nitrado web interface.

The username should always be admin and the password can be found/changed in the general settings of the Nitrado web interface.



Settings in the admin web interface

The most important settings are directly visible here:

  • Server Game Name -> The name under which the server can be found in the game.
  • Administrator Password -> With this password you can log in to the game as administrator.
  • Game Password -> If a password is stored here, it is necessary to enter it when connecting to the server.
  • Savegame Slot -> Which savegame (savegame) is currently active on the server, or which one should be loaded when restarting the server
  • Map -> Which map is active on the server
  • Career Mode -> Here you can choose between several modes:
    • Farm Manager
    • Start from scratch
  • Slots (Max. Players) -> The maximum number of players that can be on the server at the same time.
  • Game Language -> The language for the display in the game
  • Save Interval -> After how many minutes the server should perform an automatic save. Note here that there may be minor lag on the server at the time of the save.
  • Pause empty game -> (Immediately/No) Determines if the game is paused after the last player has left the server.
  • Crossplay allowed -> Whether it should be possible to connect with consoles (Playstation/Xbox) to the server.