Configuration of your Astroneer Server

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To configure your Astroneer Server, you have two possibilities. The most needed Settings can be done within the General Settings in the Forum and further configruation can be done in the Configuration Files.

Webinterface / General Settings

In the basic settings, you can enter the most important options for your Astroneer server, which will be applied accordingly after a restart of the server.

Server name = Enter the Name of your Server
Server password = If your Server shall be protected, you can enter a Password which needs to be entered while joining the server
Admin = Enter the Steam-Name of the Player who shall have Admin permissions on the server

Configuration Files

The configuration files offer further setting options but should be used with caution, as an incorrect setting can lead to difficulties.
There are two files under the menu item "Configuration files": AstroServerSettings.ini and GameUserSettings.ini where each file serves its own purpose.


This file contains all settings for the server as such


OwnerName=yoursteamname (This option automatically sets the player with the given name to the administrator of the server)
MaxServerFramerate=30.000000 (Set the servers FPS)
AutoSaveGameInterval=900 (Sets the time for the autosave interval in seconds)
BackupSaveGamesInterval=7200 (Sets the time in seconds to create backups of the game. This setting has nothing to do with the backups in the Nitrado web interface!)