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The configuration of a Do not Starve Together Server can be done in the web interface under "Settings", as well as directly in the file "settings.ini", which is stored in the directory /dontstarve/storage/config/.

What settings can be set?

The following settings can be set in the settings.ini:

Section: [network]

Setting Description Value
default_server_name Defines the server name, which is displayed in the server browser. text
default_server_description Defines the server description. text
server_port This setting is set automatically by us. A change is not possible. number
server_password How many seconds should the message (shout) be displayed in the game? This display time is for "Display at the center of the screen". text
max_players This setting is automatically set by us. A change is not possible. number
game_mode Defines which game mode is played Endless / survival / wilderness
pvp Activated or Deactivated Player. The value "true" is activated, the value "false" deactivated PvP. True / false
enable_snapshots Snapshots allows a rollback of the game server. True / false
enable_autosaver Stores the score every day (new day in the game) True / false
tick_rate Defines the tick rate in the game. The tickrate affects the quality of the server. The higher the tick rate, the higher is the use of the resources. Number (10, 15, 30, 60)
connection_timeout Defines the time in milliseconds when a client is kicked as soon as it reacts. Number (default: 8000)
server_save_slot Define which slot the server should use. Number (1 to 5)
enable_vote_kick Enables / disables votes for a kick from a desired player. True / false
pause_when_empty Pauses the simulation on the server as soon as all players have disconnected. Recommended for private servers. True / false

Section: [account]

Setting Description Value
dedicated_lan_server Enables / disables LAN mode for the server. True / false
token Sets the client token, is absolutely necessary for the start of the server. Text / number
server_token Sets the server token needed to start the server. Text / number

Section: [MISC]

Setting Description Value
CONSOLE_ENABLED Enables / disables the console of the server. True / false
autocompiler_enabled True / false