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Access to the configuration files on a Project Zomboid server

To reach the files, you need to follow the next path in the File Browser section

Zomboid > Profile > Zomboid > Server.


The Files you will find there are the following:


This is your Server's most important configuration file, it contains most of the preferences for your Game-Server that will affect almost every aspect of the Game, here are some of the key settings of the server

Command Description Syntax
nightlengthmodifier The length of the night, this can be modified to change the speed at which a night progresses. 0.5 will make it last twice as normal, 2 will make it go double as fast. nightlengthmodifier=1.0
PVP Player vs Player combat - true = on, false = off PVP=true
PauseEmpty If set to true, this will halt your server if there are no players on it. PauseEmpty=false
GlobalChat If set to true, it allows for the "/all" command in chat, making your players able to safely communicate with everyone. GlobalChat=true
Open Whitelisting - If true, anyone can join, if false, players need to be added to a whitelist in order to play. Open=true
ServerWelcomeMessage Welcome to Project Zomboid MP ! to chat locally press 't', to global chat press 'y' or add '/all' before chatting <LINE> Type '/help' to have a list of available commands <LINE> <RGB:1,1,1>

Change the message players see each time they log-in.

ServerWelcomeMessage= <RGB:1,0,0>
LogLocalChat When using the "/say" command nearby people will be able to read it in the chat log, if set to false people can only view the message on their screen. LogLocalChat=true
SpawnPoint To set a custom spawn point, change 0,0,0 to something like 1,2,0 the 1 is the first number, 2 is the 2nd, and 0 is the level. So if you want to be upstairs in a room then you change that number. you can use the Project Zomboid Map Project to look for a specific location to spawn into SpawnPoint=0,0,0
DoLuaChecksum Are you getting an error that says "you have been kicked! Your lua version does not match the server." This usually means you have mods installed and need to either turn off this by setting the argument to false, or you have to uninstall all mods, including ones that directly installed into your media files. DoLuaChecksum=true
MaxItemsForLootRespawn This option is very important when you want to keep your house items from disapearing because of respawn! whatever this is set at, any chest/item that doesn't equal this amount will respawn. So if it's 4, make sure every container in your house has at least 4 items in it or they will respawn! MaxItemsForLootRespawn=8
AnnounceDeath makes it so your embarrassing death is broadcasted to your friends AnnounceDeath=true


These Settings control Data regarding the in-game environment. It allows you to define the experience you wish to have on your Server. It is not a file that requires any modification whatsoever, but it's recommended if you wish to give it a more personal touch. We recommend looking at how the variables for this Settings work prior to making any additions or changes to it.

Command Description Syntax
Zombies This effects the amount of zombies spawning 1 being the highest, 5 being none Zombies=4
Distribution 1 urban, 2 uniform - basically where all the zombies will seem to spawn at Distribution=1
DayLength how long in real world time it takes to get through a 24 hour period in-game. DayLength=3
StartMonth This one goes by actual months where 1 is January and 12 is December, the server starts as defaul in 7 (July) StartMonth=5
StartTime As the previous value it goes by actual hours on a cycle of 24 hours, the server starts as default at 2 a.m StartTime=1
FoodLoot being on a server, if you want people to fight over items, set this and the following 2 options to 1 meaning EVERYTHING is very rare. however, if you're like me and want people to have enough to survive, set it to 5 which is Abundant, or the middle ground works too. Remember, you can edit them seperate FoodLoot=5
Temperature The overall temperature in a scale of 1 to 5, 1 for a hot weather and 5 for cold weather, the server starts at 3 Temperature=3
Rain Ranges from 1 to 5, the lower the number the strongest the rain Rain=3
XpMultiplier how much exp you're gaining XpMultiplier=2.0


This file, as the name explains, allows you to specify custom spawn points. It is recommended not to modify it unless you have knowledge about the specific values it requires.


It allows you to personalize spawn regions and the available locations to the player. This file requires you to have specific knowledge of the variables and Data you wish to assign before modifying.

For detailed information and the full list of commands you can visit the Project Zomboid Official Wiki