Compressing files for fast download Webspace

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What is Compression?

Data compression is a process in the digital domain to save space or to the transmission time of data between two computers (or participants) to shorten.

Why should my data be compressed?

It is much more pleasant when a FastDL Server with compressed data is present. Making the waiting time until the final connection significantly shortened, and also be locked to traffic. Another pleasant aftertaste is that your own needs are much shorter to upload any files to the FastDL Server.

How do i compress my data?

This is even easier than the upload. You simply download the bzip2 compressor and draw the contents easily within the program.

Maintenance. Why invite an unknown program, risking a virus?

1) It does not contain a virus :) Use trusted sites to download the Client version and you will be okay
2) It's easier than 7-Zip, because you can pack only one file with many clicks. The compressor can make hundreds with one Genetic Drag & Drop :)

Do I have anything else to consider?

One must 'not' load the bzip2 archives on the game servers. For there they do not work. They may only be uploaded on the fast download.
Otherwise you have to load the archives instead of the correct files on the Fast Download.