Commands in Life is Feudal

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Rent your own prepaid Gameserver for Life is Feudal on

Open console

You can open the console by pressing the key "~". type the command joinToRemoteServer("IP:PORT","PASSWORD") and in the case of a server without a password joinToRemoteServer("IP:PORT",""). Since the newest update you can also access servers by using the "Direct Connect" functionality of the server browser.

Command List

Command Description Example
/gm password Enables Login as Admin /gm SuperSecretPassword
/add Shows the possible parameters for this command /add
/add ITEM QUANTITY ? The player gets an Item (for items with many words, you must write the name between "") /add apple 100 100
/add "ITEM" QUANTITY QUALITY DURABILITY The player gets an item with Parameters Quality and Durability. /add "Heavy Targe Shield" 1 100 20000
/add OBJECTID ? ? ? The player gets an Item /add 41 1 50 20000
/complete Instantly completes a construction process einen /complete
/alignment set # Possible value is between -1000 and 1000 /alignment set 1
/Reagents The player gets a lot of alchemy items /Reagents
/delobj Deletes an Object /delobj
/addobj OBJECTID Spawns a determined Object. The ObjectID can be found in the Data Base (Table: object_types, Column ID). /addobj 520
/setmystat # <0 bis 110> Enables the change of own Stats. StatIDs are the following:
(0) Strength - (1) Agility - (2) Stamina - (3) Spirit - (4) Intellect
/setmystat # 75
/setmyskill SKILL-TYP WERT Sets a determined value of a skill. The Skill-Type can be found in the Database (Table: skill_type, Column: ID) /setmyskill 41 100
/setmyskill "SKILL-TYP" -WERT Substracts the value of a skill /setmyskill "Piercing mastery" -90
/effectadd #1 #2 #3 #1=effect #2=magnitute #3=duration (-1 = infinite)
/weather # Controls the weather. Possible Values: Fair / Cloudy / Shower /weather Fair
/grow Fruits grow in the current position You have to run this command 4x to see any changes. /grow
Key: F8 Activates flying Key: F8
Key: SHIFT + <1 bis 5> Controls the flying speed Key: SHIFT + 3
Key: F7 Deactivates flying Key: F7