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In this guide we show you what commands you can use in DayZ.

How to use commands?

You can access the command console by pressing the chat button ( Standard: / ).

Each one of the following commands can be entered in the chat window, hit enter to confirm.

The following character must be added before each command: #


The following commands are available when connecting to the server:


Command Description

#login password

Log in as an administrator. No password, only possible if listed as administrator in server.cfg (Server_Options)
#logout Log out Administrator.
#mission file name

#mission file name Difficulty

Select the mission with known name and set the difficulty. The difficulty parameter is optional and if not set, the current difficulty is kept.
#missions Select mission
#restart Restart mission
#reassign Start over and reassign roles.
#shutdown Shut down the server immediately.
#restartserver Shut down and restart the server immediately
#shutdownserveraftermission Shut down the server after the mission ends.
#restartserveraftermission Shut down and restart the server after the mission ends.
#init Reload the server configuration file loaded by -configuration options
#exec ban Name

#exec ban ID
#exec ban #Player

Allows you to ban a player. Your ID will be added to ban.txt
#kick Nombre

#kick ID
#kick #Player

Allows you to kick a player.
#monitor (interval in seconds) Shows server performance information. Interval 0 means that monitoring stops.
Value Description
G Guaranteed messages
NG Messages not guaranteed
Player information
L Room
R Role selection
B Instructions
G Inside the game
D Question
#monitords (interval in seconds) Displays performance information on the dedicated server console. Interval 0 means that monitoring stops.
#debug off Turn off debugging.
#debug (interval in seconds) The default interval is 10 seconds.
#debug (command) (param) The available commands are:

Each command can be disabled by using the parameter off e.g. #debug userSent off

Each command differs a bit; some outputs to the screen, others to the log file, etc.
You need a debugger capable of capturing OutputDebugString running on the client machine
(A very small and easy to use one is available on the SysInternals website.).
Start this debugger, then start the ARMA client, connect to the server and issue any of the commands .

#debug (command) The available commands are:


Send what is in the server console to the sender. Works like `` DebugAnswer for all writes on console.


Outputs in `` logFile defined in server.cfg as e.g. logFile = "server_console.log";

Each of those commands should show a confirmation in the chat channels.

Commands for DayZ Hive

To use the commands you have to open the command line (normal: /). Every command can be used now but they have to be entered with a '#' at the beginning.

Commands for players

Command Description Example
#vote kick (name, ID or Player#) Player can vote to kick another player. #vote kick nickName
#userlist Lists all players #userlist

Admin Commands

Command Description Example
#login <password> Login as admin #login adminPW
#logout Logout as admin #logout
#shutdown Shutdown the server #shutdown
#init Reload your server config. #init
#exec ban <name, ID or Player#> Bans a player. #exec ban nickName
#kick <name, ID or Player#> Kicks a player. #kick nickName
#monitor <Interval in Sekunden> Shows information about the performance on the server. #monitor 5
#debug <Interval in Sekunden> Normal interval is set to 10 seconds #debug 30
#debug off Deactivates the debugging #debug off
#debug <Befehl> <Parameter> Disables automatic backups #debug checkFile expansion\Dta\ui.pbo
#debug <Befehl> The usable commands are: Console (send to submitter what's on server console , works as DebugAnswer for all writes into the console),
von (outputs into logFile defined in server.cfg as e.g. logFile=server_console.log";)
#debug von

Commands for BattlEye

Command Description Example
#beclient players Lists the BE GUIDs of the players. #beclient players
#beclient guid Shows your own BE GUID. #beclient guid