Changing the map of your ATLAS server

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Here you will learn how to change the map of your Atlas server.

Where to Start?

Nitrado provides predefined maps for an Atlas. Changing the map will change the ServerGrid.json on your server, so you can switch to a predefined map and customize it later. Keep in mind that switching to a different map will delete the old one, so always make backups.

To change the map you will need to:

  1. Install the ServerGrid.json you wish to use
  2. Set your home grid properly
  3. Wipe the Redis and Savegame

Changing the Map

Here is how to change your map:

  • Navigate to the Web interface of your server: How to Access your webinterface
  • Stop your server
  • On the left-hand side menu, go to Tools > Maps
  • On the map that you wish to play, click "Install"
  • The map ServerGrid.json is now assigned to your server

Continue with "Altering your Grids" below.

Altering your Grids

Your server will need to have at least 1 home grid in order for you to join it.

Here is how you configure your server to a grid:

  • On the left-hand side menu, go to Settings > Configure your Atlas
  • Click on the grid you wish to add your server
    • If your server is placed in a grid by default, you will need to remove it.
  • Select the server in the dropdown menu, then click save
  • Your server is now added to that grid.

Continue with "Wiping the Redis" below.

Wiping the Redis

When wiping the Redis, you will also need to wipe the save game:

  • Make sure your server is stopped
  • On the left-hand side menu, go to Tools > Wipe Atlas
  • Select "Redis" and "Savegame" only
  • Click the red "Wipe Atlas" button
  • The system will take hold and perform the action
  • When the system has completed, you may start your server

Your server will now start with the installed map.