Changing, Restoring or Reinstalling a Gameserver

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What happens when I Reinstall/Change/Backup Restore a game?

When you initiate a game change, reinstall or a backup restore, your server's IP Address and Server settings will be altered (and may be lost). The process can take a short or long amount of time, depending on the game itself.
(Should take no longer than 10-30 minutes in most cases.)

We recommend using HLSW to monitor when your server has finished the install.

Changing a game on a Gameserver

Customers are allowed to freely change the game that is currently played on their servers at any time, at no additional cost.
Changing a game will keep all previous savedata on the server, but some settings may need to be reapplied to the server, should you change the game back.

  • Log into your game server's Web Interface
  • Click, "Switch Game" and your screen should look like this now:
    Switchgame ENG.png
  • Simply find the new game you wish to play and click "Install" or "Change" ("Change" will show if the game was switched previously.)
This function is restricted on "Basic Publicservers" as not every game is supported on these types of servers. 
If you wish to change to games that may not be supported with a "Basic server," you should rent a Standard Publicserver

Reinstalling a game on a Gameserver

If you ever wish to Reinstall a game on your server, you can do so easily within our Web Interface.

*We recommend backing up your saves first, before you reinstall the game on your server. Unless you wish to wipe the data, of course!
Please refer to our FTP guide if you wish to access the files and refer to each individual game's save locations, as that is all you should need to backup. 
Some users may wish to backup other files as well.

Please follow these steps to reinstall a game:

  • Log into your game server's Web Interface
  • Click, "Switch Game" and your page should look like this:
  • Locate the game you currently have installed and click "Reinstall"

Restoring a Backup for a game

Our servers will automatically create a backup for your gameserver every 24 hours (around 5-7am, based on the server's local timezone.)

If you ever wish to restore a backup for your server:

  • Log into your Web Interface
  • Click "Tools" on the left-side panel
  • Click "Restore Backup" and your page will look similar to this:
  • Click on the "Restore" button to restore your server to a previous day.

The server will load your data and restore the day just like it was prior.

*Please remember, Restoring a Backup will change your IP address. Your settings will revert to the restored day.


If you are ever unsure about Restoring a Backup or Reinstalling a game, please send a support ticket to Nitrado Support.