Change wave count on a Killing Floor 2 server

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To change your game's wave count in Killing Floor 2 you'd need to follow the following steps:

  • Open the Gameserver's Webinterface
  • Stop the server
  • Open the configuration-file PCServer-KFGame.ini located in /killingfloor2/KFGame/Config/
  • Find the line containing GameLength=1
  • You may swap the value 1 with one of the following:
    • 0 - Short, 4 waves
    • 1 - Normal, 7 waves
    • 2 - Long, 10 waves
    • 3 - Own settings, you may change the sandbox settings to customize wave count, enemy count and types and other things.
  • Save the file to preserve your settings
  • Start the server again

You server should now adapt your defined difficulty.