Change Map Size in an ECO - Global Survival Server

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How to Change the Size of Your World on Your Eco Server

This guide will show you how to change the size of the world on your Eco server.

Remember that before applying any change you need to shut down the server

This is done by changing values in a config file called, which is used by the game to create new worlds. Changing world size will require that a completely new world be created, and any progress on earlier worlds cannot be carried over to a new world.

Increasing the size of a world in the game Eco will increase the amount of RAM and CPU required by the server to run the world. The standard size for worlds is 72 by 72. Increasing world size to very large numbers (200 - 300 or even higher) will require a drastically increased amount of RAM to run the world map.

On your server's Web Interface go to Config Files and select the file

WG Route.png

Editing the Config File

To change the size of the world being generated, look for the section labelled "Dimensions", and then change the numbers after the values "x" and "y". In the screenshot, these are lines 5 and 6, and they are marked with two red arrows in the screenshot.

When choosing the world size, there are three important rules that have to be followed:

  • The "x" and "y" values need to be the same number (it has to be a square)
  • The number has to be divisible by 4.
  • When editing only the "x" value, the line needs to end with a comma, directly following the size value, this does not apply for the "y" value which does not need a comma at the end.

Remove Existing Worlds

If there's an existing world on the server, it will skip creating a new world, and the game will simply keep loading the existing world over and over.

The settings in the config file are only used when it creates an entirely new world. So, you will need to remove the existing world (by deleting, moving, or downloading the files) so the the server does not detect an existing world. It will then generate a whole new world on startup instead.

The files for the world are stored in the folder Storage, located in the main directory.


Inside, you will frequently see the files Game.db,, and a folder called Backups. Delete or move all the files in the Storage folder so that the game will not detect an existing world. It will then create a new one on next server startup.

If you want to keep the original world, you can move or download the files mentioned above, or simply rename them (like adding .old to the end of the file name). If the game cannot find the exact filenames Game.db and Game.ecoin the folder, it will create a new world. Renaming them is effectively the same as deleting them.

After the size of the world has been changed (and any existing worlds removed), restart the server and it will create a whole new world of your chosen size!