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Developer Frostkeep Studios
Release date July 31st, 2018
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Choose your side in this faction-based survival game as you pit groups of players against each other in an ongoing epic war amid hordes of terrifying demons. Explore a mysterious and unforgiving world as you fight the clock to achieve victory before you are wiped from life!

The surroundings of Rend are a piece of land that was once Midgard before Ragnarok, the fall of the gods, shook the world. Valhalla, the great hall of heroes, home to the dead who rise to prominence in battle, can be seen decimated in the sky. Most of the original Norse deities died in the disaster, and those who survived were retired to seclusion. Rumor has it that they are gathering new armies to restore their former power and glory in the next great battle. What remains of this world is a collection of diverse environments united by the massive roots of Yggdrasil, the World Tree. The rolling hills give way to thick forests, mushroom colonies, noxious swamps, and winter peaks that are home to predators and environmental problems. The flora and fauna of Rend have been influenced by the presence of Yggdrasil, once the gentle creatures are now territorial and violent, while the plants and minerals have developed unique properties that the brave can use to discover them. Warriors in Rend must be vigilant and vigilant to survive in this realm.



Many of the game settings can be adjusted on the server web interface. The settings can be changed in "Settings" -> "General". Note that the server must be rebooted after saving the settings for the settings to be applied.

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