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Outlaws of the Old West
Developer Wandering Wizard
Release date March 12th, 2019
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About The Game

Where rough men are used to rough ways, try to survive in this epic Western Survival MMO. Offering thousands of items and a modular building system. Travel with your caravan, establish a homestead, battle villainous bandits and much more!

Conquer the wilderness, make your way through the swamps or scale the mountains of this vast undiscovered world. The choice is yours, build a reputation as a protector of the poor and defenseless, or as a cold-blooded outlaw spreading fear and terror. Build a settlement and expand it into a city, or roam the countryside in search of wealth and riches.

In Outlaws of the Old West you have every opportunity to write your own story. Whether you are considered the scout, the mayor or the horror of the prairie is entirely up to you. How will you choose? Are you ready to face the pristine and merciless landscape?


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