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Nexuiz is a first-Arena First-Person Shooter, which will be available for the consoles soon. Nexuiz is a first person shooter with lots of action and fast gameplay. The game has reached the next generation, by the time the game was constantly improved and refined. IllFonic introduced a new Victorian update that affects the games "style", which is futuristic and very demanding at the same time. On the consoles Nexuiz uses one of the best game engines in the world: CryENGINE. 3


  • Computer (Windows)
  • XBox 360

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Administration / Administration

This game still has no administrative functions such as kicking, or banning. An in-game management is not currently possible
With the "HLSW" tool you have the ability to add the server to your favorites. This requires that the port be "27017", port 27015 can not be used.

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