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Citadel: Forged With Fire
developer Blue Isle Studios, Virtual Basement, LLC
release July 26th, 2017
engine Unreal Engine
genre Action, Adventure, Indie, MMO, RPG, Early Access
language English
website Citadelgame
gamepage Server rental
gameport 27015
queryport 27016
Create a name for yourself and achieve notoriety and power among the land’s ruling Houses. This may not be the easiest task in Citadel: Forged With Fire. In this MMO sandbox RPG with elements of magic, spellcasting and inter-kingdom conflict. You are a newly minted apprentice of the magic arts, you will set off to investigate the dangerous world of Ignus. From plots of trickery and deceit to ascending the ranks of allies and enemies. You can become an infamous hunter of other players, or build massive and unique castles, tame mighty beasts to do your bidding, and visit uncharted territories to unravel their rich and intriguing history. The path to ultimate power and influence is yours to choose, in Citadel you make your own world.

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