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What is a Bouncer?

"A BNC (short for bouncer) is a piece of software that is used to relay traffic and connections in computer networks, much like a proxy. Using a BNC allows a user to hide the original source of the user's connection, providing privacy as well as the ability to route traffic through a specific location. A BNC can also be used to hide the true target to which a user connects."


This is how Wikipedia explains what a bouncer is, but many people don't know how to put that explenation and that's why I'm here to help the sufferers. The text at Wikipedia is all professional, not long ago I too were not sure what a Bouncer was. Bouncers have a double meaning in the IT world, but more of that in "What's a Bouncer!" Most of you know what IRC means. For those of you who don't: IRC means Internet Relay Chat is a chat client to anonymously chat with other people. Bouncers are there to raise the security of an IRC chat server even more.

I crafted a "fancy" graphic for you to understand what a bouncer does and where it stands:


Maybe after looking at that image you came to an understanding why a bouncer is called a bouncer. It raises the security by channeling your connection to the server and hide all your valuable information. So in some ways, a bouncer is like a proxy to hide all your information from other users and increases your privacy level.

Benefits of a Bouncer

As the title implies, a bouncer has many benefits which are listed below:

  • DDoS protection of users and server
  • Permanently blocking a nick name
  • Offline messages (like a mailbox)
  • Changing DNS names
  • The abbility to buffer messages
  • DCC (Direct Client to Client)

Long story cut short: a must have for all IRC server owners.

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