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Developer Boxelware
Release date 23.1.2017
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Game Description

Avorion is an open-world space sandbox from Coop. The objective of the game is to explore a procedurally generated universe, build your own spaceships, fight enemy factions, and meet like-minded players.

On the journey to the center of the infinite galaxy, you can collect resources by destroying asteroids, trading, or attacking other players. The game world offers many procedurally generated challenges, for example, one encounters computer controlled factions, is attacked by pirates, or has to face environmental hazards such as asteroid fields.

Space stations and spaceships can be built with different materials, each with different properties, there are no limits to the imagination.



Many of the game settings can be adjusted on the server web interface. The settings can be changed in "Settings" -> "General".
Note that the server must be rebooted after saving the settings for the settings to be applied.

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