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Admin access via RCON

  1. Enter the RCON password into the server.cfg (via web interface / Config Editor [extended] v2 / Edit rcon_password the_rcon_pw and restart the server \\
  2. In Steam, under properties of CS:GO -> Set Launch Options -> Enter -console
  3. Launch CS:GO and open the console ~ and type bind "F1" "toggleconsole" (F1 can be any key)
  4. Connect to your server (connect - but be sure to use your actual server IP)
  5. Enter the Rcon password: press F1 (or whatever button your console is bound to) and type "rcon_password "the_rcon_password"" (the_rcon_password should be what you set it to in step one)
  6. Rcon uses: change map -> rcon changelevel de_dust

Problem Treatment

Sending Reservation Request / Failed to get session data

If you get the message "Failed to get session data" or "[MM] Sending Reservation Request" when connecting to a Counter-Strike: Global Offensive server, the server admin has made an error in the configuration. A player cannot fix this, but follow these steps as a server administrator:

The start map for the server must exist in the map group the server starts with

It is not possible to start the server with cs_italy if the map group mg_bomb has been set for the server. If you have changed your map groups, this can be a non-issue.

The server starts with a _se map

Currently (as of 08/14/12) there is still a bug, causing clients to not be able to connect to a server that has started with a _se map. Start the server with a vanilla map, and use the mapchange command.

The server starts with a map group that is not allowed in the selected Game Mode

The best example would be ar_shoots as the start map, with the map group mg_armsrace and Game Mode Classic Casual. This won't work. Adjust the map group or the starting map to resolve this.