Bouncer with ChatZilla

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To connect to the Nitrado Bouncer via ChatZilla

  • Nitrado Bouncer (Indent already Added)
  • ChatZilla (firefox Addon)

We go first thing into our Bouncer's web interface and move into the "Bouncer Administration" menu

Now open in your browser the link to your Bouncer irc: //, where XX is a certain number. (See Bouncer administration)

IMPORTANT: Your IRC Nick must match your ID!

To log you you give just one in the chat line "/quote pass <your password> ", then you are connected to your bouncer.

You have standard connection in accordance with the QuakeNet (was at least in my case) and can directly /join #channel to join a channel.

Important instructions for the beginning

Command Importance
/listservers Displays all listed in Bouncer server ID .
/addserver Adds a server. (For example, /addserver
/delserver Removes the server with the specified ID.
/setawaynick Sets the pitch your Bouncer takes when you go offline