Become an Admin in Just Cause 2

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First steps

First you must find out your Steam64ID, proceed as follows:

You can find your Steam64ID on the following website, for this, you will need your CustomeURL or your Steam Name. SteamID64-Finder

Enter the customer's URL or your Steam name in the "input" field. Then your SteamID64 will appear.

Example: Steam64IDlookup.png

Become an admin

  • Go to "Filebrowser" under the tools menu in Nitrado's web interface.
  • In the search bar type "sSettings.lua" and press enter, when filtering the files you access it.
  • Inside this file look for "settings.admins = {".
  • Inside this file look for "SteamId", there are two lines with this name, the second one will be modified.
  • In this option, the present ID must be replaced by the one previously generated.

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