Become an Admin in Counter Strike: Global Offensive

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General Information

As an administrator, you have the possibility to manage the server directly in the game and use some additional functions. For this, there is a specially developed administration tool that is available directly in the game.

Run Admin commands.

To activate the administrator commands of your server, you can do it from the "Live Server Console".

You can find it within the web interface of your server in your section Tools.

Live server console csgoES.png

Once your 'Live Server Console' is opened. Just type your command from the available area.

You can find the list of commands in our wiki article. ' Here.'

Live server ComandoES.png

Configure Admin Panel

  • Connect to your Counter Strike: Go server
  • Enter the command setinfo_pw"password", to enter the server.
  • Then enter "amxmodmenu" and the options menu to manage the server will be displayed.

Where you will find options like:

  • 1) Kick player
  • 2) Ban player
  • 3) Kill player
  • 4) Team player
  • 5) Change level or map
  • Among others.