Become an Admin in Conan Exciles

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General information

As admin you have the possibility do cofigurate the whole server ingame and use special features. Therefor Conan Exciles servers have a special admin tool which is available ingame.

Define the admin password

In the first steps it is necessary to look up the admin password in the webinterface or to change it. You can do this in your webinterface under 'Settings' -> 'General'. You can find the password under "Admin password": Conan-passwort.png

Set up the AdminPanel

  • Open menu with ESC

Conan esc.png

  • Open the 'Settings'
  • Open menu item "Server settings' (left side)
  • Click on 'Make me Admin'
  • Enter the admin password in the password field
  • Now you can open the admin panel with the shortcut 'CTRL+SHIFT+C':