Become admin in Terraria

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This tutorial only applies to tShock servers(not Vanilla!).

To become admin on a server you need to do the following:

  • Open you Webinterface
  • Open your File Browser
  • Open the file "authcode.txt" located in /terraria/tshock
    • If the AuthCode is already used, see below.
  • Open Terraria and connect to the server.
  • Open your chat and type:
/auth YOUR_AUTHCODE ; e.g. /auth 8090310
  • This will bind your IP-adress and player name together as superadmin.
  • To be the superadmin permanently you need to use the following command:
/user add PLAYERNAME PASSWORD superadmin ; e.g. /user add Nitrado abc123 superadmin
  • Now you need to login with:
  • Then just one more command and you can always login as superadmin:

My authcode has already been used?!?
If your authcode is already in use you need to:

  • Open your Webinterface
  • Open your Filebrowser
  • Delete the file auth.lck in your /terraria/tshock
  • Restart your server
  • Open the file authcode.txt in your /terraria/tshock
  • The new code is now ready to use ingame. Refer to the guide above.

If you can't find neither "auth.lck" nor "authcode.txt" you have to reinstall the server.

How do I become admin in Vanilla?
Sadly, this is not possible.